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    Lithium Battery Transport & Storage Boxes
    We can design & manufacture ADR compliant containers for your Li-ion batteries and cells that you can safely store & carry thoseof,
    We can design our goods with different options and industry 4.0 auxiliary equipment as per your organizational, warehouse and logistic needs.
  • Design
    Boxes are designed & manufactured to safely storage of damaged or defective batteries, liable to rapidly disassemble, dangerously react, produce a flame or dangerous evolution of heat or a dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive or flammable gases or vapours under normal storage conditions. İf the battery or cells contained inside escalates to “thermal runaway”, exterior surface temperature of boxes® would stay below 100°C and will safely contain the thermal effects of the fire inside. (ADR special provision 376)


With the help of SQA certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) and qualified engineering assets, we do design & manufacture wide range of size & weight Li-ion battery containers for ADR compliant carriage type and storage purpose. Our manufacturing partner’s 20 years of cutting edge experience on project sized steam boilers, co-generation plants, gives our designs a 100% hand crafting quality & flexibility for different logistic needs & batteries.

We are an entity who has has seen the risks to human & environment as the e-cars spread around the globe, Li-ion batteries coming with it. What can be done is, what we are bringing to life by assuring the carriage & storage safety of those batteries. We employ quality/safety & legality per EU experts who has driven global factory standardization practices for 18 years from Europe to Asia and reflect this experience to our products.

For Whom We Can Be In Help?

Companies who are;

  • Manufacturing and store Li-ion batteries and cells of those,
  • Assembling/disassembling and handling Li-ion batteries in manufacturing lines or similar,
  • Storing, maintaining or reparing Li-ion batteries (including car battery scale) and/or equipment with Li-ion batteries,
  • Transporting or storing defective/damaged, un-useable Li-ion batteries in recycling streamline,
  • Manufacturing not yet type approved Li-ion batteries (unsafe as per ADR), storing & carrying thereof,
  • In the need of test containers for performing the safety tests of Li-ion batteries."
  • Operators, consignees, consignors, packaging operators, logistic companies who is handling Li-ion batteries (including car battery scale) and/or handling equipment with Li-ion batteries.


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Easy & Clean Operation
Low to none operating cost
99% Maintenance Free
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